Intelligent fully automatic ring coil winding machine

Product Description:

  • Power supply:: 220V/110V 50/60HZ
  • The size: : 1100mm*900mm*1700mm
  • Weight:: 72KG
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    1. The intelligent full-automatic ring coil winding machine adopts PLC human-machine interface control system, which is simple and reasonable in design and operation. It is suitable for the production of all kinds of ring coils, with a wide range of use, high efficiency and convenience, convenient installation, debugging and maintenance. It requires relatively low and simple skills for operators to operate skillfully.
    2. The storage ring and guide wheel can be replaced according to different product requirements. The equipment adopts the road to ground design, which has a simple and compact appearance. With the help of the servo motor, the drive action is smooth, accurate and stable. All drives and standard parts are of well-known brands, with durable life and stable performance.
    3. Various winding methods can be customized according to different product requirements (such as pair winding, secondary storage, etc.)
    4. In case of failure, the winding machine will automatically stop and alarm, and the alarm items will be displayed on the touch screen.
    5. Configure corresponding storage ring and corresponding guide wheel according to customer requirements
    6. PLC can store many different winding modes. Each equipment can adapt to the winding requirements of multiple products. Double pulse identification is adopted for wire storage and winding, and it also has the function of detection.
    7. This equipment has a number of invention patents and utility model patents图片22 22






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