Opportunities for Magnetic Components Industry in Emerging Fields

1) The goal of carbon neutrality drives the long-term development of the industry
As the core devices in the fields of new energy vehicles, charging piles and photovoltaic energy storage, magnetic components are closely related to the development of new energy industry. Guided by the strategic goal of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality”, China’s energy structure is constantly transforming, the proportion of clean energy use and consumption will continue to increase, the construction of green transportation infrastructure will be further accelerated, and the market prospect of new energy industry is very broad. Strong support from national industrial policies for new energy industry will drive the long-term sustainable development of the industry.

(2) The importance and value of magnetic components are constantly increasing
Magnetic elements are the main components of power conversion system, which affect the overall performance of power conversion system from the following aspects: ① Magnetic elements are the main factors affecting the volume and weight of power conversion system; ②The selection of magnetic element parameters directly affects the output current ripple and dynamic performance of the power conversion system;③Magnetic elements directly affect the efficiency of power conversion system;④The parasitic parameters of magnetic components directly affect the current stress and voltage drop of power conversion system. Therefore, the design of power conversion system also depends on the correct design and manufacture of magnetic components to a certain extent. Magnetic components have become the key components of new energy industry, and the importance, application and value of magnetic components are constantly improving, and the market demand continues to be strong.

Post time: Mar-08-2024
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