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  • Development history and current situation of amorphous nanocrystalline industry market in 2021

    According to the “China Amorphous Nanocrystalline Market Forecast and Investment Strategy Report (2021 Edition)” released by Limu Information Consulting, amorphous alloy materials came into being in 1934, and the global research on amorphous alloy has made very significant progress in...
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  • Magnetic material classification and its industrial chain status

    Magnetic materials can be divided into metallic magnetic materials and non-metallic magnetic materials according to their materials. The former, due to its high price and narrow application range, is mainly concentrated in military industry and high-end electronic products. For example, neodymium...
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  • Application de Nanocrystalline core

            Nanocrystalline, also known as-Nano informis est a magnetica rationem materiae. Princeps populorum faverit coros Nanocrystalline magnetica Permeabilidad in altum ratione quadratas humili statu caliditas damnum Core. Nanocrystalline princeps saturation est quod core Va ...
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  • Introductio de informis materiae

    Scies autem informis admixtos admixtos atomi in rebus absque ordine rhoncus tempor. Traditum est stannum metallum aut crystal iusto structuram, dum stannum informis erumpit in structuram et ipsum originale diu terminus iusto crystal ordines turbati sunt in structuram celeri cooli ...
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